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New England Soccer Journal reaches the pulse of the region’s soccer scene in a vibrant new way, thanks to The Goal podcast with Matt Langone. Each episode features dynamic guests from across the sport’s spectrum, with a focus on prospects.

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Fairfield's Dave Barrett

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

In this episode of New England Soccer Journal's The Goal Podcast, host Matt Langone interviews Dave Barrett, head coach of Fairfield University women's soccer team. Dave discusses his insights and strategies as a college recruiter and coach, emphasizing the importance of athleticism, character, and transparency in the recruitment process. He shares experiences from his coaching career, talks about the blend of technical ability and character he seeks in players, and highlights the critical nature of fit for both the program and the athlete. The discussion also covers the importance of managing expectations, handling rejection, and the evolving role of social media in recruitment. As Fairfield prepares for another competitive season, Dave expresses optimism about the team's prospects and reflects on the significant emotional moments in his coaching journey. 
00:45 Recruiting Insights and Philosophy
04:58 Handling Rejection and Thick Skin
13:03 Geographical Recruitment Strategy
15:03 Social Media's Role in Recruitment
19:21 The Importance of Live Interaction in Recruiting
19:50 Evaluating Player and Family Dynamics
20:46 The Initial Contact Process
21:44 Challenges with Player Parents
24:01 Goalkeeper Perspective in Coaching
25:48 Program Expectations for 2024
29:15 Extra Time: Fun and Insightful Questions
38:09 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

UNH Forward Ally Giovino

Wednesday May 29, 2024

Wednesday May 29, 2024

The guest is Ally Giovino, a forward transitioning from Colgate University to the University of New Hampshire for a graduate year. Ally discusses her bittersweet emotions about leaving Colgate, her reasons for choosing Colgate over other schools during her recruiting process, her development as a player, and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected her college experience. She also talks about her plans for the future, her strong work ethic, and her experiences coaching younger players during the summer. 
00:37 Reflecting on Colgate Experience03:17 Navigating the COVID-19 Challenges04:57 Choosing UNH for Grad Year08:16 Leadership and On-Field Role10:32 Recruitment and Transfer Insights15:43 Early Soccer Journey and Multi-Sport Background17:35 The Benefits of Playing Multiple Sports19:07 The Impact of Club Soccer on Development19:36 Summer Training Plans and Personal Coaching20:17 Future in Coaching and Training Young Players21:57 Extra Time: The Best Coach

Wednesday May 15, 2024

New England Soccer Journal contributor, Frank Dell'Apa discusses the current state of the New England Revolution, their struggles in the Eastern Conference, and the broader context of soccer development and superstar influence in MLS. The conversation delves into the Revolution's performance, historical context under Bruce Arena's management, and prospects for improvement. Also, the transformative effect of Lionel Messi's arrival in MLS with Miami, comparing the impact of star power on soccer dynamics in the U.S. to global trends. Additionally, the pod covers the role of youth development, the future of American soccer leading up to the 2026 World Cup, and the potential ramifications of sports gambling on the game.
00:42 Diving Deep into the New England Revolution's Current Struggles02:04 Analyzing the Revolution's Performance and Potential Turnaround05:00 The Impact of Youth and Homegrown Talent on the Revolution07:33 Caleb Porter's Optimism and the Challenges Ahead12:52 Miami's Game-Changing Approach to MLS18:07 The Future of the Revolution in the Competitive MLS Landscape19:52 The Game-Changing Potential of Soccer's Accessibility19:59 The Spontaneity of Soccer and Its Fans21:17 The Messi Effect: A Case Study in Star Power24:17 The Future of Soccer: Star Players and Team Strategies28:35 Extra Time: Deep Dives into Soccer's Evolution, Challenges, and Gambling

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

In this episode of The Goal Podcast, Matt Langone and producer David Yas discuss the television docuseries 'Welcome to Wrexham,' which follows Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they purchase and manage Wrexham AFC, a historic yet struggling Welsh soccer team. They delve into the show's influence on soccer's popularity, its appeal to a broader audience, and its representation of the sport's emotional and competitive aspects. The episode also covers the concept of relegation in soccer, the team's challenges and successes under new management, and the unique community support around Wrexham AFC. Additionally, they touch on a new venture by Reynolds and McElhenney into Mexican soccer with Club Nacaxa. Interviews, clips from the series, and discussions highlight key moments, fan culture, and the personal investment of the owners in the team's turnaround.
00:27 Diving Deep into 'Welcome to Wrexham'02:18 The Hollywood Effect: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's Impact03:25 The Emotional and Financial Investment in Wrexham AFC04:04 Exploring the Cultural Phenomenon of Soccer Through 'Welcome to Wrexham'11:36 Understanding Soccer's Relegation System and Its Impact19:32 Rob and Ryan's Strategy: Star Power and Community Engagement22:37 Fan Engagement and Ownership Dynamics23:31 SportsCenter Parody and Team Performance Analysis24:17 The Power of Self-Deprecation in Sports25:37 Cultural Impact and Audience Connection27:35 The Unique Charm of Soccer Chants30:57 The Evolution of Rob and Ryan's Public Persona32:28 Season Recap and Looking Ahead40:00 Expanding the Empire: New Ventures

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

The guests are Steve McAuliffe, Executive Director, and Brendan Hamilton, Academy Director, from South Shore Select. The episode delves into the club's significant transition to ECNL girls from the Girls Academy for the 2024-25 season, marking a major milestone. McAuliffe and Hamilton discuss the club's joy and competitive ambitions with this move, highlighting their long-term effort in fostering soccer talent and the club's development over the past 30 years. They share success stories, including nurturing players like number one NWSL draft pick Ally Sentnor. The conversation also touches on the club's strong community ties, the importance of maintaining a competitive yet respectful club culture, and their perspectives on future growth and challenges within the changing landscape of club soccer. The podcast concludes with a light-hearted Celebrity Soccer Fantasy Draft.
More at
00:00 Welcome to The Goal Podcast with South Shore Select Leadership00:41 Major Club Announcement: Transition to ECNL02:38 Reflecting on Club Success and Player Development07:50 The Competitive Spirit and Future Aspirations16:22 Navigating the Club Soccer Landscape and Focusing on Self-Improvement19:07 Exploring the Club's Unique Approach and Community Impact19:38 The Importance of Familiarity and Personalization in Club Sports20:59 Expansion Strategies and Maintaining Club Identity21:57 Transitioning to a New League: Expectations and Preparations23:14 Club and Community Excitement for the Upcoming Season23:56 Celebrity Soccer Fantasy Draft: A Fun Divergence

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Scott Halpern was named head coach of Loomis Chaffee's soccer teaam in 2023. Halpern previously worked with the men’s soccer program at the University of Connecticut.
He joins the show to talk about this off-season, including adding some new students and off-season training and conditioning programs.

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

New England Revolution forward Olger Escobar joins the show to talk about the team's training in Florida and the excitement surrounding the new season.
Also covered in the show: Olger shares insights into his transition from youth soccer to professional soccer, emphasizing the motivation he draws from seeing young players progressing through the ranks and his determination to adapt quickly to the demands of professional play.
The conversation touches upon Older's accolades, such as being named the Revolution Academy Player of the Year for 2022-23, highlighting his journey from joining the academy to receiving recognition for his performance and dedication.
Olger discusses his international experience, including his call-up to the Guatemalan national team and his debut, offering insights into the emotions and significance of representing his country on the soccer field.
Olger also reflects on his personal soccer journey, discussing his early dedication to the sport, family influences, and experiences playing for various teams. He shares memorable moments, such as crucial penalty kicks and the impact of watching and learning from soccer legends like Lionel Messi

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

The guests are Boston Bolts MLS Next Director Shawn Napier and Director of Coaching Greg Robertson who join the show to look ahead to the MLS season and discuss how the Bolts are distinguished from the rest of the club landscape in New England.

Aztec Soccer's Jeff Winterton

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

The guest is Aztec Soccer Junior Boys Director Jeff Winterton. Jeff, a veteran of the club, discusses its new ownership, changes in structure and more.

Tuesday Jan 09, 2024

Chris Watkins was named the new head women's soccer coach at Boston College this past December.  Watkins previously coached seven seasons at Gonzaga, where he compiled a 79-33-16 record.

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